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“Awe-inspiring, breathtaking, fierce, brilliant, exciting, way beyond merely outstanding. When I was a teacher, I was the toughest “A” on campus: I am not an easy “Wow! Either.”

“Thank you Deborah for all of your AMAZING WORK! You alone are The Dream Team!!! I am so grateful I found you on the internet that day. You ROCK! Your team is I am certain a help to you but once you are in the courtroom It’s All You!!”

“Tran, I really found it to be a genuine pleasure to work with you, Deborah and the firm. You are really great people. Again, thank you most sincerely.”


“Deborah, words fail me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you. I know where I and my mom were when I called you the first time, and where we both are now. You got us through all of this horror and absurdity. We had a champion in this fight named Deborah Newman.”


“Deborah, You have been such a blessing to my family. You are awesome! Thank you so much.”


“On a personal note Deborah, you were so wonderful with her and as her buddy I cannot thank you enough for all you did, much of it gratis I suspect. It takes attorneys like you to change the tide of how the elderly are respected and cared for. You took up her cause and gave her the better half of the last year of her life. I know she was so grateful and her close friends are. Bless you.”


“You are a pleasure to work with.”


“I just want to tell you it was a pleasure discussing my rather small inheritance issue. I knew I made the right decision to hire you and your firm after just a few minutes into the talks.”


“I want to thank Deborah Newman and her staff for their kindness and professionalism that I received during our consultation session. Even though she has handled million dollar cases over the years, she made my case seem just as important. May God continue to bless the Newman Law Firm many more years.”


“I would highly recommend Deborah Newman & her staff. Deborah’s kindness, concern & expertise was especially appreciated during a very difficult time. Her staff was wonderful, especially legal assistant, Phillip Lopez, who was always professional, polite & extremely helpful.”


“Deborah and her team were great to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. She not only knows the law, but maybe more importantly, she knows people and she handled our feelings with as much care as our case.”


” Great and helpful attorney’s and staff, eager to walk you through your difficult time. Highly recommended.”

” Good afternoon Attorney Newman,
I September 2016 I spoke with you about an issue concerning my mother. I thank you for helping me to redirect my thoughts concerning protecting her. I look back on the paper you gave me and smile at the 4 points you gave me to focus on instead of focus on what my sister was doing. It gave me so much peace and I just wanted to thank you! My mom died on November 15th and you were totally honest with me about not pursuing a court case that would have been very expensive and out live my mother.

Blessings to you and your staff! “


“Thank you and your team for your hard work. You are a fantastic law firm with a very robust and well delivered service product. You will be on my recommendation list if any of my friends in Houston need family law services”

“Deb is well connected, gets the job done with a few calls! Thank you mam”