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When an individual lacks the mental capacity to make a sound decision regarding his or her future, any document he or she signs or legal contract he or she enters into may be challenged. Frequently, a relative or other untrustworthy person will try to convince an elderly or otherwise incompetent individual to change his or her will or estate with the intention of gaining access to the person’s property and assets, especially money and real estate. When this happens, the issue of undue influence is raised.

At the Newman Law Firm, our Texas lawyers represent testators, executors and beneficiaries in cases involving questions of competency or undue influence. With more than 70 years of combined experience, our skilled team has the knowledge and resources to ensure your case is given the time and attention it deserves.

Houston Competency Hearing Attorney

Most often, our competency and undue influence clients come to us for two different reasons. Beneficiaries and family members seek our representation when they feel that their loved ones are incompetent due to illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, and therefore cannot make their own competent decisions regarding their estate plan. Other times, we have individuals come in who are facing baseless claims of incompetence or undue influence.

In either situation, we do our absolute best to help our client with whatever issue he or she is facing. When necessary, we call upon medical experts to assist in determining whether competency is lost, or if it indeed still exists. Through psychiatric examinations and evaluations, we will work to establish the evidence needed by the courts to determine whether an individual has the capacity to make a will or to make changes or additions to an existing will or estate plan.

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